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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:How can I get scheduled?

    A:You can call and text us at 907-780-1800, or you can email us at You can also use the website to schedule yourself. Leave us a description of the service you would like, how long its been going on, and we can get you on the schedule as soon as we can.

  • Q:Do you bill your customers?

    A:No - We collect payment on site, after our Service Experts finish with the work. We then email you the paid invoice, but if you do not have email, we can mail it to you instead.

  • Q:Can you provide certificates and insurance?

    A:Yes! Our team of experts are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind. No matter how large, small, or complex your project is, we have the experience and knowledge required to handle it.

  • Q:Is there anything I could do to save more money on fuel?

    A:Absolutely! Depending on the system that you have, there are many different ways to save money on fuel. For example, if your boiler is heating your domestic hot water, (showers, etc.), you can use a fully electric water heater. You can also get a propane ondemand water heater, providing unlimited hot water. Call us to set up an appointment for a Comfort Advisor to come out and give you a proposal.

  • Q:Would cleaning my furnace ducts really help my air quality?

    A:Yes! Your heating and cooling systems can move 1.4 million cubic feet of air per day. Allergens and other particles that are found in ducts are distributed through the air, and into your lungs. A dirty filter will also slow down air flow, wasting energy, and causing damage to your system. "A build-up of .042 (1/20) inches of dirt on the heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency pf 21%" - Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Q:What is my best option for unlimited hot water?

    A:Tank-less propane water heaters are significantly more efficient than traditional electric water heaters. They do not store and reheat water, as long as your have propane you have unlimited hot water. You also save about 50% more on your energy costs versus a tank water heater.

  • Q:Do you service on Monitor or Toyo heaters?

    A:No, but we can replace your Toyo or Monitor with an efficient propane alternative that keeps the smell of diesel out of your home, decreases maintenance, and also allows you to get rid of your oil tank! We also install heat pumps. Heat pumps are not only used to keep your home warm., they can also be used to cool your home. Heat pumps are very simple, and can be a singular system that can save you money on energy costs.

  • Q:Do you service appliances?

    A:No, not at this time.

  • Q:How do I know if I am out of fuel?

    A:You can dip your tank and measure the amount of inches of fuel left. Depending on how far the fuel line is off the bottom. It's usually 2-10" off the bottom depending on the installation.

  • Q:How often should I have my boiler or furnace serviced?

    A:Your oil fired units should be cleaned and serviced once every 12 months. Oil fired boilers and furnaces burn dirty. Buildup of soot and debris reduces the efficiency of your heating system, and might even make it unsafe to use. We recommend getting them serviced during the warmer season, to avoid the winter "no heat" busy season for regular maintenance.

  • Q:How do I tell the difference between a boiler and a furnace?

    A:If you have baseboard heaters along the bottom of wall of your home, then you have a boiler. A boiler sends water through pipes of the home through the baseboards or radiant pipes in the floor. If you have air vents in the floor blowing warm air, then you have a furnace.

  • Q:How much do we cost?

    A:Before beginning any job, we will let you know the exact project cost. Furthermore, unlike others, we charge by the project and not by the hour. Therefore, you will never be unpleasantly surprised by unexpected charges. Also, we offer discounts to first responders, military members, and law enforcement officers.

  • Q:What is a hammer arrestor?

    A:Hammer arrestors are a plumbing component required by code before quick closing valves, namely - dishwasher, and washing machines. It is designed as a shock absorber for the change in water pressure, when one of these appliances quickly opens or closes its water supply. Without a hammer arrestor, it could make banging noises, and cause unnecessary damage.

  • Q:My water shut-off is under my house, can you put it somewhere easier to get to?

    A:Our Service Experts can install a main water shut off valve practically anywhere with the right amount of pipe, and a little bit of creativity. Making it easy to turn off when you really need it.

  • Q:Can I turn off water to specific areas of my house?

    A:Appliances and fixtures like dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, toilets, and sinks usually have their own individual shutoff valves. Look for a small round or oval knob, called an angle stop near the appliance or fixture. If you don't have one, we can install one for easy water turn off. Sometimes, if the angle stop is too old, or damaged, they may not work properly. If your angle stop doesn't completely shut the water off to your fixture, then you need a replacement.

  • Q:Is there anything I can do about my cold floors making my feet cold?

    A:You could have improper insulation or no insulation. We can increase your comfort in your home by properly insulating and not allowing your heat to escape.

  • Q:What should I not flush down the toilet?

    A:DO NOT FLUSH (even if they say 'flushable'): wet wipes, cosmetic wipes, baby wipes, QTips, cotton balls, condoms, feminine sanitary pads, tampons, facial tissues, medication, pills, paper towels, cigarette butts, contact lenses, or hair. These items often cause problems for many homeowners. Realistically, the only thing that should be flushed is waste, and toilet paper.