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A blocked drain is more than just a nuisance — it could lead to damaged pipes or serious leaks. If you are dealing with a clogged drain, we suggest you call the team at All American Home Service immediately. Our caring and capable plumbers can resolve your drain problem quickly and efficiently.

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What Causes a Clogged Drain?

Clogs are caused by accumulated hair, food, toilet paper, toys, paper towels, or other bulky items. When these materials collect within your pipes, it blocks the water flow. Eventually, the water will back up and pool in your toilet bowl, shower pan, or sink.

There are several approaches to removing a clog:

  • Check your garbage disposal. If your sink has a garbage disposal, it is important to inspect it and make sure it is working properly. Turn off the disposal and use an object to safely test the blades. If they are not spinning easily, there may be a hard object lodged in the disposal which needs to be removed.
  • Plunge the clog. Sometimes, a clog will make its way down the pipes with a little help from a toilet plunger. These plungers can work on both toilets and other drains. If you are plunging a kitchen sink, it is important to clamp the drain hose on your dishwasher first. Also, on fixtures with multiple sinks, make sure to cover the drains that you are not plunging in order to keep water from moving to those areas. Try a variety of angles when plunging.
  • Drain snaking. When plunging doesn’t cut it, drain snaking can help remove a stubborn blockage. In order to snake a drain, you will need a plumber’s auger. This helpful tool has a long piece of steel cable that you can maneuver down a drain until you hit the stoppage. Crank the handle of the auger to move the steel down the pipe. If it becomes difficult to crank, this means you have reached the clog. Continue cranking until the wire breaks through, and reel it up to free your drain.
  • Clear the P-trap. If you can’t locate a clog, try cleaning the P-trap under your sink. Place a bucket under the sink to catch any drainage, remove the P-trap, and clean it by hand.
  • Chemical solutions. There are powerful chemicals engineered to remove clogs. It is important to remember that these solutions could cause more damage than harm. Vinegar and baking soda is a natural solution that may be able to open up your drain. Pour one or two cups of this mixture down the drain and allow it to sit for 15 to 30 minutes while the drain is covered. Allow hot water to run into the drain for at least one minute, and then check to see if the buildup has vanished.

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If you are unable to unclog your drain on your own, give us a call. No job is too messy, and we provide prompt and professional services so that you can get your drains fixed fast. Also, we offer upfront pricing, so you can know exactly how much the job will cost before we even begin.

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