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6 Benefits of Joining a Maintenance Membership Plan

Keep Your Home Comfort Systems in Tip-Top Shape, Without the Hassle

A key aspect in keeping any machine running smoothly is maintenance. Whether we’re talking about your car or your plumbing system, maintaining your equipment can increase the lifespan of your system, reduce repair costs, and mitigate emergencies. The problem is that as homeowners, we get busy, and maintenance can slip our mind—causing us to go months and even years without checking in on the systems that keep us safe and comfortable. Thankfully, our team at All American Home Service is one step ahead of you, and we offer a maintenance membership plan to keep your heating and plumbing systems in tip-top shape while also providing some surprising benefits.

6 benefits of signing up for a membership plan:

  1. Experienced system check-ups that will: extend the life of your heating and plumbing system, reduce emergency repairs, increase your energy efficiency, lower your monthly energy bills, and raise your indoor air quality
  2. Priority scheduling: so, you never have to wait on service when you need it most
  3. No emergency call out fee on emergency services: when an emergency strikes, you have enough on your mind without worrying about additional fees
  4. Free consultations: Hear from a professional about repairs that can increase the efficiency or function of your heating or plumbing system
  5. Money-saving coupons: Receive thousands of dollars in savings so your home can benefit from the best products, services, and systems on the market
  6. Comprehensive packages that fit any budget: We offer three separate packages to help every budget experience the high-quality maintenance your home deserves

Join the Home Care Membership Club Today!

Your home’s plumbing and heating systems are necessary to keep your space functional, safe, and comfortable. At All American Home Service, we understand how important these systems are, which is why we only hire the best of the best to work on them. Our licensed, skilled, and highly trained experts are professional and friendly and will walk you through every step of the maintenance process. We thoroughly inspect your plumbing and heating systems annually to ensure the proper function and safety of the items in your home.

To learn more about our industry-leading maintenance membership plan call our team today at (907) 789-1800 or contact us online.